Latest News From Data Powertools

Latest News From Data Powertools Ltd.

Will Cordless Power Tools Take Over from Corded Altogether?

A question that has been on many tradesmen’s tongues for years now is: will cordless power tools eventually take over from corded altogether? Are we going to see corded power tools removed from circulation and eventually becoming obsolete? It’s a difficult question to answer because the eventual outcome would likely be yes. Just look at the way that phones went: at first you had to have it attached to the wall, so that you’d have to stand awkwardly while you talk to your mother for an hour—then not long after, we were able to take them to the sofa where we could rest them against our ears while we watch telly and pretend to listen. It seems that as technology progresses, we tend to lose the restriction of cables! However, right now, there are a number of benefits that come from using a corded power tool that we can’t ignore. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each, and you can decide for yourself.

What is the Difference Between 110V & 240V?

As you will know, when searching for power tools on the market, you’ll be presented with an option to choose between 1120V & 240V. But, what does it mean? It can be really confusing for those who aren’t aware of the major difference and ultimately, end up buying the wrong one. So, in this article, we’re going to shed a little light on the fact. Let’s start with 110v. These power tools are typically used on sites that offer more safety in the event of someone cutting through a cable, as an example. That way, it will be significantly less likely for the user to get seriously injured. So, if you’re working on a site where health & safety is paramount (as it should be on every site, to be fair), then the 110v would be the best option. That said, whilst 110v are better suited for heavy-duty use, you will require a transformer in order to use it. We will touch on that in a moment. 240v, on the other hand, is better suited for a home environment. So, if you’re not a tradesman, though like to carry out a lot of DIY work on your home, then 240v will work with your standard domestic 3-pin plug sockets. Perfect.

What is a Reciprocating Saw and Why Should I Have One?

You’ve likely got a number of different saws in your toolkit at the moment, but do you have a reciprocating saw? If not, then you should have a read of this article and add one to your selection, you won’t regret it! So, first of all, what is a reciprocating saw? Well, to reciprocate is to either respond to a gesture or action in kind or to move backwards and forwards in a straight line. It’s fair to say that this awesome saw doesn’t give much back (other than sheer destruction), so we’ll put the name down to the reciprocating motion of the blade. Reciprocating saws (or recip saws) are also known as sabre saws as they’re hand-held and well, sabre-like. You can consider recip saws as being “the cavalry” of saws because they take over when sledgehammers and crowbars can’t quite finish the job. That’s right, recip saws are best used for demolition work! Naturally, when gutting a door or window, cutting through joists, plasterboard, and other fixtures, the original fittings can be a ball-ache to remove—which is where the reciprocating saw comes in. They have a wide variety of blade attachments, designed to cut through all manner of materials, including wood, metal, and plaster. Simply put, the recip will cleanly slice through most anything you throw it at (please don’t throw it).

The Most Commonly Used Hand-Tools for Plumbers

Plumbers certainly don’t get enough credit for what they do! There aren’t many people that will drop what they’re doing on Christmas day to drive out and fix a boiler in the freezing cold, and yet many of them do. But which handy tools would they need to take with them? Like any other tradesmen, plumbers have a certain set of tools which are specific to them and their trade. Thinking of exploring plumbing as a trade option? Let’s have a look at some of the most common tools that you’ll need for your kit!

DeWALT 18v Cordless Tools: What Does the “XR” Stand for?

You may remember back in 2011, DeWALT announced a range of cordless power tools which were branded with an “XR” name. It sounds rather fancy and important, but what does it actually stand for? In this article, we’ll take you through it so that you know exactly what advantages come with purchasing a DeWALT XR cordless power tool.

DeWALT XR FlexVolt: Common Misconceptions

With the launch of DeWALT’s 54v XR FlexVolt battery platform, there came a number of questions and doubts. In this post, we’re going to alleviate those concerns for you and set the record straight. So, are they all they’re cracked up to be and should you bother investing? Let’s find out!


Our lifelong commitment to bringing quality products, with first class service, to the market place is exemplified in the Carb-I-Tool range of Professional Quality Router Bits.


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At our recent woodworking event held at our Cardiff branch, we were visited by representatives from Record Power. During the show, they demonstrated some of their machinery.  Our machinery expert Dave Union was on hand to review some of the machines.

Here at Data Power Tools, we have a huge variety of Nail Guns (or “nailers”) available. As such, we’re often asked, which tool is the right one for the job? Of course, it all depends on the situation at hand, which is why we’re going to explore 1st & 2nd fix nail guns in greater depth for your convenience.

If your looking for a tool shop in Bridgend, South Wales then Data Powertools Ltd is the place for you. With a wide range of power tools, hand tools, safety wear, hardware and fixings and fastenings all available off the shelf, along with knowledgeable staff always willing to give you the best advice, you will find it hard to find a better tool shopping experience in the area.

Hitachi changes name to Hikoki




Joshua verses Klitschko… Ali verses Foreman… Tyson verses Holyfield – now it’s time for two more heavyweights to go toe-to-toe. On Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of October, it’s the Battle of the Brands – Makita vs DeWalt! 


 Bosch Power Tool Road Show

Event Information

This event gives you the opportunity to see the latest Bosch power tools and Bosch accessories in action and even the chance to 'Try before you buy'. Special prices will be available on the day and the expert demonstration team will be on hand to give you advice on the best tool for the job.

NEW Makita 18 + 18= 36V!!

Whether you prefer to use Makita cordless power tools or DeWALT cordless power tools we have a great new offer enabling you to pick and choose your own cordless power tool kit. Perhaps you already have some 18 volt cordless tools and wish to add to your collection or you want to build a kit from scratch? With these two great deals you have the freedom to pick exactly what best suits you. Designed for tradesmen or for the serious hobbyist these range of tools are built to stand the test of time and tough use.


Dave Webster, Owner of Precise Engineering Ltd, has recently invested in a new Excel Vario 350 Metal Cutting Chopsaw, (commonly known as a “ Cold Saw ”) from Data Powertools Ltd based in South Wales, UK.

Take a look at these great xmas offers available online or in-store now.

CK Tool Systems

Dewalt XR Cordless Power Tools

Check out the latest tools from HiKOKI (formerly Hitachi) Power Tools!

On Friday 2nd March 8am to 5pm and Saturday 3rd March 8.30am to 12pm we will be hosting demonstrations from Record Power and Hitachi Power Tools.

Dewalt DWS780 Mitre Saw

The DeWALT demonstration team will be visiting our Cardiff tool store on Thursday June 20th kitted out with the best new power tools and accessories.

The DeWALT demonstration team will be visiting our  Bridgend tool store kitted out with the best new power tools and accessories.



We recently visited Makita headquarters for a product launch and were happy to find that they have a new 18V cordless planer in their range.


FREE 3rd FLEXVOLT Battery (DCB546) with any DeWALT FLEXVOLT Kit purchased before 13th May 2017.



XR FLEXVOLT is a range of DeWALT 54V power tools that offer runtime and performance which has never been seen before - for the first time, professionnal tradesmen can reliably undertake heavy-duty construction applications without the need for mains power.

On the morning of Friday 28th April Paslode representatives will be at our Cardiff branch providing FREE Health & Safety Certification for their nail guns!

We have just launched a new promotion with Spectrum who are manufacturers of quality diamond cutting blades. For every deal purchased customers will receive a top quality Sekonda Mens Watch!

DeWALT Flexvolt

Power Tools 2010

Hitachi One Tool Day Sale Bridgend





At Data we don't just sell power tools and hand tools we  pride ourselves on being able to recommend and supply the right accessories to make your job easier and to get it done quickly and efficiently. Armeg are a manufacturer of quality power tool accessories and Data stock many of their useful products.  In this post we look at how its possible to drill a square hole for installation of an electrical socket box. Take a look at this video and read the FAQ below to find out exactly how it can be done.

From time to time our customers invite us to take a look at the jobs they do using tools purchased from us. We are always proud to see the high quality work that is produced when a craftsman uses the high quality tools that we sell.  Here is a quality piece of workmanship from the team at Mcbeth Joinery. They were contacted by a luxury hotel in Switzerland and asked to craft a bespoke sign made from solid oak.

In this video you can learn more about the Festool TS55 E(B)Q+FS Circular Saw + Guide Rail.


Paslode IM350+ Cordless Nail Gun

We are now stocking the latest model 18v Combi Hammer Drill Driver from Makita Power Tools UK.


German manufacturer Kasto’s BSME2  is the ideal saw for a fabrication workshop offering large capacity cuts with automatic, adjustable downfeed.This sturdily constructed machine is brilliantly versatile covering a multitude of applications with it’s double mitring facility. Sawing box section, tubes and solids will become a breeze.

We have added a range of Magtron Magnetic Broach Cutters (commonly referred to as rotabroach cutters)  to our online catalogue which are suitable for most popular brands of magnetic drilling machines.  The unique geometry of MAGTRON cutters acheives faster feed, lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy and better finish than standard cutters.



Makita power tools UK have just launched a brand new website. Click the image below to take a look.

Paul Richmond (Tool and Machinery Sales Advisor)

Blue and white Holiday ball ornaments


We would like to extend our seasons greetings and thanks to our valued customers for your business throughout 2017.


Metabo INOX Stainless Steel Finishing Power Tools

Metabo KGS 255 Sliding Compound Mitre Saw



We have just introduced a new bundle offer that includes the tools needed to cut and install kitchen worktops.

We have just added a selection of aerosols, fluids and compounds for industrial use. The range consists of AC-90 multi purpose lubricant, CT-90 cutting fluid ,tapping compound, metal cutting lubricant, AT-90 airtool lubricant, , CS-90 copper anti-seize lubricant, ZG-90 zinc galvanising spray, ESC electrical switch cleaner, FC-90 anti static foam cleaner and RP-90 rapid penetrating release fluid.

Secure Tool Boxes


Welcome to the second edition of our regular newsletter which aims to introduce ranges of products that we stock for your convenience. We will also let you know of any forthcoming shows, events and of course special offers which only you, our regular customers can benefit from.


Metal Masters West Wales Ltd were commissioned to produce stainless steel benches to be situated at the SA1 Waterfront in Swansea Bay. Using tools, machines and accessories supplied by Data here we can see another example of some quality workmanship from one of our customers.


Data's service department has workshop facilities in both Cardiff and Bridgend branches in South Wales that provide a warranty repair, a standard repair and spares sales service. With experienced tool fitters and staff who know there tools literally inside out, we offer a fast turn around so, we can get your tools back in action as soon as possible. All reputable brands including Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo, Hitachi, Festool, AEG, Record Power and more are repaired in store.


Tools make great xmas gifts

Tools make great Christmas gifts !

Check out these special offers available in our stores at Cardiff and Bridgend and online by clicking here


At our recent woodworking event held at our Cardiff branch we were visited by representatives from Record Power. During the show they demonstrated some of their machinery.  Our  machinery expert Dave Union was on hand to review some of the machines.

At our recent woodworking event held at our Cardiff branch we were visited by representatives from Record Power. During the show they demonstrated some of their machinery.  Our  machinery expert Dave Union was on hand to review some of the machines.

On Friday the 28th and Saturday 29th April our Cardiff branch will be hosting a woodworking demonstration by Record Power.

On Friday the 9th and Saturday 10th November our Cardiff branch will be hosting a woodworking demonstration by Record Power.


On the 13th and 14th of February our Cardiff branch will be holding a woodworking show supported by Record Power.

We have just launched a new DeWALT cordless hammer drill promotion which really is great value for money. Ideal for the tradesman and serious DIY'ers this power tool really packs a punch. Use it for drilling, screw-driving and hammer applications in many different construction materials. Supplied in a sturdy carry case and with a flashlight that uses the same batteries as the drill, this is an essential part of your tool kit. Note that the two DeWALT 18v batteries supplied are 2.6ah which means they have an extra-long runtime.

We have just received delivery of the new DeWALT DWE4050 115mm Angle Grinder

This demonstration video shows the GRIT by Fein GI75 Belt Linisher and the GIM Mobile Chassis being used in conjuction to prepare steel for welding.



See demonstrations, try the tools for yourself, and enter competitions!

On Wednesday 1st April 2015 Milwaukee's Big Red Truck Tour  arrives in Cardiff, showing off their latest and greatest power tools  at Data Powertools Ltd - Cardiff branch.

Back by popular demand!

On Monday 6th October 2014 Milwaukee's Big Red Truck Tour  arrives in Cardiff, showing off their latest and greatest power tools  at Data Powertools Ltd - Cardiff branch.


We plan to post tool reviews, videos and pictures of the latest and greatest hand tools, power tools and metalworking/woodworking machinery available to buy online at or at our stores located in Cardiff and Bridgend, Wales, UK.

Do you have a collection of hand tools that are losing their edge?  If you have a workshop then the Tormek Water Cooled Sharpening System is the answer to your problems. Take a look at this video and discover how to put a perfect finish on your edge tools.


Metabo is the first powertool manufacturer to guarantee you a clear gain in endurance with the new generation 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery technology. 

Metabo Cordless Magnetic Core Drill


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