Diamond Tipped Porcelain Tile Drill Bits

The Mexco Diamond Tile Drill Bit Range offers maximum performance and cost per cut when drilling the hardest of man-made and natural decorative materials. No water is required due to a special wax filled core that melts, lubricates and cools when drilling.

Note: For use on high speed corded drills

Refer to applications for a comprehensive list of materials suitable for these tile drills.

Key Features

Hex Fitting guarantees stability in the chuck
No Water Required – Wax lubricated and cooled
Diamond Tipped – For a professional finish

Available sizes:

A10VBDB55 5.5mm Hex
A10VBDB6 6mm Hex
A10VBDB7 7mm Hex
A10VBDB8 8mm Hex
A10VBDB10 10mm Hex
A10VBDB12 12mm Hex


Dry / Wet Dry

Grade XCEL

Barrel Type Wax Filled

Fitment Hex Fit

Recommended Tool Corded Drill (High Speed)


Bathroom Fittings
Kitchen Fittings
Porcelain Ceramic Tiles
Stone Tiles
Stone Worktops

Diamond Tipped Porcelain Tile Drill Bits