Which Power Tools Are Best For Woodworking?

Woodworking is an exceptional craft that relies heavily on one’s ability to work with their hands. It takes great skill, a whole load of patience, and a keen eye for detail to excel in this field—but you can’t make it alone. There are many tools that you will need to help you along the way.

For the most part, woodworkers will rely on several hand-tools, such as handheld saws, chisels, and sanders. However, as you begin to take on more complex jobs, you’ll have to turn to power tools to get the job done. But which tools are you most likely going to need?

In this post, we’re going to list some of the essential power tools that you’ll want in your toolkit. If you want to be the best and be able to tackle any job that comes your way, then here’s what you’re going to need:

1 – Sabre Saw (AKA reciprocating saw)

The sabre saw, or reciprocating saw is rather similar to jigsaw-style tools; however, it does offer more control and flexibility. Whilst the sabre saw is not the most accurate tool in the shed, your natural hand-eye coordination that comes with being a woodworker will allow you to use this awesome power tool with precision. The saw piece is easily replaced with saws of other sizes and varieties. You can learn more about reciprocating saws here.

2 – Jigsaw

Whilst on the subject of the sabre saw and its similarity to jigsaws, you’re going to want one of these in your arsenal as well. It’s a versatile tool when cutting wood, with a prolonged blade that cuts up and down through the target area.

The jigsaw has a quick release system so replacing the saw bit with a wide variety of others is incredibly straight forward. In addition to that, this power tool has a number of speed control settings, making it an incredibly flexible and ‘handy’ piece of equipment.

3 – Power drill

The power drill is the go-to tool for any tradesman and comes in three varieties:

  • The hammer drill offers more force than your traditional drill and can be used for boring into concrete and other solid surfaces
  • An impact driver power drill is the same as the hammer drill in principle, only more suitable for thinner materials such as sturdy plastic or sheet metal
  • Regular power drills are the most appropriate for woodworking and can also double up as an electric screwdriver by simply replacing the bit and switching the rotation.

4 – Jointer

The jointer is an essential tool for making a surface nice and flat. This tool can straighten wood in such a way that it removes bows and arches, ready to then be fed into a planer. As a woodworker, you will find yourself using this tool all the time.

5 – Surface planer

A surface planer is a helpful tool that can be used for a variety of functions. For example, if you’re cutting rough lumber, it can smooth it out nicely—or it can be used to reduce the overall thickness of a board. Again, this tool goes hand-in-hand with a jointer, creating smooth and perfectly straight boards.

6 – Sander

Sanders are hand-held power tools and are among the most versatile in the woodworking industry. In fact, as a woodworker, you will find yourself reaching for the sander regularly! They are used for smoothing out wooden surfaces and removing old varnish etc. There are several types which each have different jobs, from belt sanders to random orbit sanders. This is an absolute, must-have essential.

7 – Drill press  

Some people ask, ‘why would I need a drill press if I have a standard power drill in my kit already?’  The answer is simple: because a drill press is perfectly flat, allowing you to drill straight down with 100% precision, with minimal effort. The drill press comes with a variety of drill bits, including variable speed control—so, if you’ve got a big project on your hands, then this tool will be your best pal!

8 – Bandsaw

Bandsaws are particularly popular in lumber mills as they are ideal for sawing lumber into small pieces. That said, they’re incredibly versatile and can also be used for artistic wood forms, contours and crosscuts.

9 – Wood router

When it comes to hallowing out wood and making precision cuts, you’ll want a wood router in your tool kit. These are incredibly useful and can also be used to cut through other materials such as plastic or aluminium. Once you’ve tried grooving a piece of wood with this bit of kit, you’ll never look back!

10 – Bench grinder

Bench grinders are essential for maintaining your tools and keeping them nice and sharp. For example, as you use a chisel, over time it will become blunted and less accurate—thus, a quick trip to the grinder will be required. Another alternative to the bench grinder is purchasing a belt sander/disk grinder combo.


These are just a handful of the power tools that you’ll be likely to find in an expert woodworkers’ arsenal, however, they are the essentials. With these at your disposal, there will be no job that you’ll be unable to handle!

At Data Power Tools, you’ll be able to find everything on the list, and much more! Should you have any questions regarding a specific tool, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly representatives will gladly advise you so that we can ensure you get the most appropriate tool for the job, at a price that suits you.

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