Timco CoreFix Dot & Dab Fixing 4 Pack

Timco CoreFix Dot & Dab Fixing 4 Pack

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This highly effective and innovative product was developed to safely secure heavy loads including cabinets and brackets to dot and dab plasterboard walls or board supported on battens. Quick to install, this patented product works by securing the load to the brick or block behind the board, bridging the problematic gap that dot and dab creates, by way of a zinc plated steel tube insert.


Suitable for most modern homes with plasterboard / dot & dab walls 
Trusted and independently tested
Fast installation, no specialist tools required, drill, 10mm bit, hammer & screwdriver
For all wall types, brick, block and light weight concrete


Pack Dimensions L x W x H (mm) - 10 x 82 x 210
Pack Weight (kg) - 0.084
Head Type - Countersunk
Drill Hole Ø (mm) - 10
Corrosion Rating (1-5) - 1 - Clean, dry & low humidity environments
Recess Type - Pozi
Plug L (mm) - 95
Finish - Zinc
Pack Qty - 4
MFT (mm) - 10
Material - Carbon Steel Screw, Impact Resistant PP Copolymer Plug, Carbon Steel Core
Plug Ø (mm) - 10
Plug Size (mm) - 10 x 95
Driver Bit Size - PZ2
Screw Size (mm) - 5.0 x 100 
Substrates - Brick, Block, Stone
Min. Drill Hole Depth (mm) - 100
Pack Type - Bag
Core Insert Ø x L (mm) - 8.0 x 50

Standard Equipment

1x Timco CoreFix Dot & Dab Fixing 4 Pack

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