Wera 8100 SB 8 Zyklop Switch Slim 3/8" Ratchet, Metric Socket & Bit 29 Piece Set

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Wera 29 piece metric compact ratchet, socket & bit set, stored in a extremely robust textile case, ideal for those on the move. The tools inside are securely arranged in a way that allows the case to be closed into a compact form, allowing it to become a constituent part of a tool box - not a separate item - and allows easy tool selection.

Wera Zyklop Metal Switch ratchet is designed for work in confined working spaces. Slimmer than conventional ratchets with smaller ratchet head, but longer handle length for more leverage, this tool is made from full metal - chrome molybdenum for durability and the longest service life. It also features a switch mechanism for convenient change of ratcheting direction. A ball lock mechanism holds sockets and attachments securely onto the ratchet, when it comes to releasing and changing sockets and attachments simply press the release button to retract the mechanism. The ultra fine 72 teeth allow for a small return angle of only 5°. This tool is also ideal for dusty environments in addition to all general uses. The "sculptured" handle gives added comfort during intensive or high torque use.

Wera sockets are made out of high-grade chrome vanadium for a long service life. A concaved design allows for a greater fit in the socket and prevents any rounding out from occurring. "Take-it-easy" tool finder system is used in accordance to size for fast and easy tool selection


Slim and compact design for confined spaces
Unique socket locking function
Ultra strong and smooth 5° ratchet mechanism
Sculptured full metal body for comfort

Standard Equipment

8004 B: 1 x 3/8"x222,0
8790 HMB: 1 x 8,0x29,0; 1 x 10,0x29,0; 1 x 12,0x29,0; 1 x 13,0x29,0; 1 x 15,0x29,0; 1 x 16,0x30,0; 1 x 17,0x30,0; 1 x 18,0x30,0; 1 x 19,0x30,0
8794 LB: 1 x 3/8"x200,0
8794 B: 1 x 3/8"x76,0
8784 B1: 1 x 1/4"x3/8"x44,0
851/1 Z PH: 1 x PH 1x25; 1 x PH 2x25; 1 x PH 3x25
855/1 Z PZ: 1 x PZ 1x25; 1 x PZ 2x25
867/1 Z TORX®: 1 x TX 15x25; 1 x TX 20x25; 1 x TX 25x25; 1 x TX 27x25; 1 x TX 30x25; 1 x TX 40x25
840/1 Z Hex-Plus: 1 x 3,0x25; 1 x 4,0x25; 1 x 5,0x25; 1 x 6,0x25; 1 x 8,0x25

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