Armeg Electrical Box Sinker Single Set c/w dust collection

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Value for money, complete single electrical socket box installation set.

Drill a square hole in under two minutes!

First things first, how does it work?
Produce a 6mm pilot hole in the wall to locate the position, remove the bulk of the material with the round cuttertothe required depth, then square off the hole using either the square cutter or the 80mm wide chisel, depending on the hardness of material.

What type of power tool do I need to use EBS?
You would need an SDS drill capable of rotary/impact and impact only functions (for chiselling). Ideally it would have an approximate weight of at least 2.3kg, a blow energy of approximately 2.4J and a loaded speed of approximately 900rpm.

What setting do I need my drill to be on?
You can use the pilot drill and round cutter on rotary/impact or rotary only. The square cutter can be used on rotary/impact or impact only. The hard material chisel can only be used on impact.

Which materials will EBS sets work in?
The pilot drill and round cutter will work in all masonry materials. The square cutter is designed for use in the softer masonry materials (medium density concrete block,softer brick etc.).In the harder materials (e.g. Engineering brick) you would need to use the 80mm wide hard material chisel for squaring off.

Do I need to turn the rotation off on my drill to use the square cutter?
No,the square cutter has a safety mechanism built into it to stop the whole square from spinning if rotation is left on.You may find it easier, though, to square the hole up on the wall if you use your drill on impact only function.

How do I create a double back box hole?
Either:- Drill two 6mm pilot holes 65mm apart, then use the round cutter twice and square off with the hard materialchisel or the square cutter twice
Or:- Use the double back box cutter spacing template to space out the pilot holes on the wall, then use the round cutter twice and square off with the rectangular double back box cutter.

Can I buy spares?
Yes, all kit components are available separately. You can even purchase replacement guide rods for the round and square cutters.

I have lost my pilot drill, what size is it?
The pilot drill is a 6 X 160mm SDS drill bit available to buy by clicking here

Can the square cutter be re-sharpened?
Yes. You can do this with a good quality file or a grinder. Be careful not to alter the outer dimensions too much otherwise the square hole may be too small.

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