The easy way to prepare steel plate for welding

This demonstration video shows the GRIT by Fein GI75 Belt Linisher and the GIM Mobile Chassis being used in conjuction to prepare steel for welding.

As with the Fein GX range, this is a modular system – so the linisher can be used as a stand alone machine, or you can add attachments such as a notching unit or chassis as shown in the video.

The application shown is weld preparation as part of the manufacture of a bridge.

The mild steel plate that Paul (the Fein demonstrator) is working on has a layer of scale on the surface which must be removed before the welding of girders to the plate can begin.

At present the company are using 4.1/2” grinders to remove the scale.

The use of this mobile linisher has a number of benefits:

Firstly  – TIME

The time taken to grind one entire length of the plate was approximately 30 seconds. This would normally take an estimated 20 minutes with a hand grinder.


Rather than being on hands and knees, the user can walk along the plate comfortably as if pushing a wheelbarrow.


When using a hand grinder the finish can vary dramatically as the operator tires and the sanding disc wears- this is far less likely using the GRIT GI modular system.


The use of a hand grinder is very often restricted  to a limited number of hours per person under health and safety legislation. The GRIT system is not even registered as having a rating, as the vibration felt is negligible.


Imagine the thought of hours and hours of back breaking work with a hand grinder compared to the comfort of use of this GRIT system – a happy worker is an efficient worker!

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Polished Stainless Steel Bench crafted by Metal Masters West Wales Ltd

Metal Masters West Wales Ltd were commissioned to produce stainless steel benches to be situated at the SA1 Waterfront in Swansea Bay. Using tools, machines and accessories supplied by Data here we can see another example of some quality workmanship from one of our customers.

Stainless Steel Bench by Metal Masters Wales Ltd
Stainless Steel Bench by Metal Masters Wales Ltd

Phil Pritchard, the owner of Metal Masters has had to achieve a very high standard finish to eradicate the high risk of rust as the benches are situated at the waterfront (very salty air). The finish required to meet the contractor’s requirements is 0.5RA (the RA value is the Roughness Average in microns – in layman’s terms it’s the difference between the peaks and grooves on the surface of the stainless steel only visible via a microscope – the less the difference between the two the lower the RA value).

The finishing polish was achieved using a Fein “ Grit ” machine, which is the GX75 Belt Linisher together with the GXC Centreless Polishing Module and a very fine non woven abrasive belt that Data supplied.

In this video you will see that Phil has his hands on the tube, but this is not because he is pushing it, he is merely supporting it. The material is fed through automatically. Phil does intend in investing in suitable roller supports in the near future to make the task even easier.

The machinery used to produce this magnificent finish is available to buy at Data. Click here to see the range. To contact Metal Masters please call them on 01792 586677.

Newsletter Edition 1 – Metalworking and Fabrication


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Metalworking & Fabrication Tools

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