POWER OF CORDED, FREEDOM OF CORDLESS DEWALT® XR FLEXVOLT: the World’s first 18/54V convertible battery pack system


DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT battery stands at the forefront of this new cordless technology.

• World’s first convertible 18/54V battery, offering unprecedented levels of power
• Provides the unique ability to power even heavy duty construction power tools
• Completely backwards compatible with existing DEWALT XR 18V products
• Offers market-leading runtime in 18V products, with the option to amplify its voltage to power newly developed 54V heavy duty construction equipment
• DEWALT accompany this system with the revolutionary XR FLEXVOLT range: cordless, heavy duty construction power tools with all the power of corded.

DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT has the dual advantage of unbeatable runtime in all existing DEWALT 18V power tools, as well as the power necessary to access applications completely unheard of for cordless technology. With this one innovation, DEWALT have finally unlocked the full potential of cordless, and now possess the unique ability to power even heavy duty construction power tools – using nothing but a cordless battery.


Cordless, heavy duty construction power tools – engineered to the DEWALT standard

The power of the DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT battery opens up new avenues in cordless, heavy duty construction power tools, and DEWALT are delivering the new XR FLEXVOLT product range to accompany this innovation – completely in keeping with the principles of DEWALT technology: heavy duty solutions that remain compact and durable. The ground-breaking new DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT range is comprised of 8 products designed to completely transform the jobsite of tomorrow: a 54V Grinder, 54V SDS plus Hammer, 54V Circular saw, 54V Alligator saw, 54V Reciprocating Saw, 54V Plunge saw, 54V Table saw, 54V 216mm Mitre saw. These are cordless, heavy duty construction power tools with all the accuracy, capacity and power of corded. To take the DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT Table saw as just one example, this is a power tool capable of cutting 50m of 19mm (¾”) OSB from just one charge of a single battery – yet portable enough to be easily moved from room to room, and without the need to search for a power source. This is world-leading performance, from cordless solutions that promise to redefine the very notion of cordless technology.


Game-changing results, zero compromises

The DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT battery pack and product range is delivering game-changing technology – the power of corded with the freedom of cordless and none of the drawbacks – the days of compromise are over.


Wireless Charging, a world first from Bosch.



Changing batteries is now a thing of the past
Here is the future: Wireless Charging, the world first from Bosch.

Worldwide unique system consisting of induction charging station and special battery:

Simply place the cordless tool on the charger during breaks to charge it:

the tool is always ready to use with only one battery
Saves time, space and weight: no second battery required
Long life: short charging processes do not strain the battery (Care Charging)


Wireless Charging transfers electricity without cables or contacts. In future, such chargers will be installed in workbenches and vehicles without any cables being visible. You can work uninterrupted for longer because your cordless tool is continually charged by being placed on the charging station.

Wireless Charging batteries have the same lifetime as conventional batteries. The unique “Care Charging” technology ensures that short charging processes do not strain the battery. The battery lifetime is independent of the type of charger.

The new Bosch Wireless Charging battery is 100% compatible with all Bosch Blue lithium-ion tools, EXACT tools and chargers in the 18 volt class (“Flexible Power System”). All professional lithium-ion batteries with the special red heat induction component in the housing contain CoolPack technology.

The worldwide unique Wireless Charging System consists of the charging station, a special battery and a flexible mounting frame for conveniently putting the tool down and for easy mounting at the workplace.

The very robust charging station does not have any contact points and is therefore insensitive to water, dust and dirt. The batteries special red material guides the heat out of the centre of the battery cells to the outside of the battery pack. Objects placed on the charger that can potentially heat up are detected and the charger does not switch on. There is no danger.

You can buy the first tool in the range here 


You have the chance to be the first to put the Bosch Wireless Charging world first through its paces yourself! Simply drop by unannounced on the morming of October 30th at our Cardiff Branch.


08:00 – 13:00
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Introducing the mighty Makita DHP480RMJ Cordless Hammer Drill Driver


We are now stocking the latest model 18v Combi Hammer Drill Driver from Makita Power Tools UK.

This top of the range cordless drill boasts real power, high torque and a lightweight compact design.

It is fitted with a recently innovated brushless motor for more efficient use, motor protection and extended runtime.

Supplied with 2x 4.0ah Lithium batteries which are lightweight and offer further extended runtime.

Sporting a Battery Fuel Gauge for improved efficiency plus all metal gearing, which makes it more reliable and gives a longer life.

It comes in stackable plastic locking case, for easy storage.

Don’t forget about the LED Job Light for improved vision.

If your looking for the best, look no further.

Available to buy now online by clicking here or visit one of our stores and get to grips with one for real before you buy.

Brand New from Makita UK 18v + 18v = 36 volt Cordless Tools !!

NEW Makita 18 + 18= 36V!!

Makita_18+18 = 36 Volt

Our DATA tool expert visited the launch of Makita’s Brand new products for 2014 today, and he was delighted with what he saw.

Makita Product Launch

Two brand new 36v machines….with a built in adaptors to take two 18v batteries equalling the power of 36v! So instead of having to buy a 36v SDS Drill or 36v Circular Saw with a different battery system to all your 18v gear…you can now use your 18v Li-Ion batteries !! (BL1830 3.0AH or BL1840 4.0AH).

Makita DHR263 36v SDS Hammer Drill

So for those jobs where you need 36v power …. you can use your 18v batteries – and there is no loss of power at all!!

Makita DHS710 36v Circular Saw

You can buy the 36v SDS Drill or 36v Circular Saw as naked units complete with MAKPAC connector case.


The DHR263 ZJ SDS Drill features a 26mm capacity in concrete which is more than some 2kg professional mains drills.

The DHS710ZJ Circular Saw features a 190mm blade and 66mm depth of cut, again, just like a mains circular saw.


This is the latest revolution from Makita, it WILL be massive! Don’t miss out. Contact us for a release date.

7 reasons to buy a Dewalt DW745 if your looking for a new portable table saw




1. Compact powerful unit, easily transported for on site use.

DeWALT DW745 Table Saw

2. 10” blade gives a good depth of cut, 3” or 77mm.


3. Most tablesaws are let down by the rip fence. Not so with the DW745.    It’s on a rack and pinion so the rip fence is always parallel to the blade, and held captive front and back. This means no kick back and clean cuts.

DeWALT DW745 Close Up

4. Depth of cut and blade tilt is set at the front of the machine using one handle.


5. Blade change is easy and quick with access to the blade through the throat plate by one cam screw.


6. The DW745 Saw is usable with very little set up or assembly.


7. We recommend you buy the machine as a package with Saw and Rolling legstand, it makes it even easier for the saw to be moved about. When it’s in place the stand is a good working height and very strong and stable giving safe and secure working.


To shop for the saw and stand package click here 

To shop for the saw only click here

Introducing the all new DeWALT DWE4050 115mm Mini Angle Grinder

We have just received delivery of the new DeWALT DWE4050 115mm Angle Grinder
DeWALT DWE4050 Mini Angle Grinder

Featuring a powerful 800 watt motor built into a thin grip body this new mini grinder is sure to be a favourite of tradesman across the country.  The pics below show how easy and comfortable it is to handle and to use in confined working spaces.  Special design features include pop off brushes which protect the armature from damage at the end of brush life resulting in greater motor durability and therefore longer life.

DeWALT DWE4050 Slim Grip Angle GrinderDeWALT DWE4050 115mm Angle Grinder
Available in both 110v and 240v at our Cardiff and Bridgend tool showrooms  and also on our website for next day delivery in the UK. Click here for more information.

Introducing the Alfra RB35X Magnetic Drilling Machine. German quality at an amazingly low price!



At last! A German made mag drill  for under £300 ex vat.

Many manufacturers have released magnetic core drilling machines that achieve the price point, but never before has such a quality machine been available for such a brilliant price.

All the quality you would expect from the most popular Magnetic Drilling Machine manufacturer Alfra, but at the right price.

Alfra RB35X Magnetic Metal Core  Drilling Machine


“Tool Force” is the force with which you can press the annular cutter on a steel plate before the magnet starts lifting off.

It is depending on the magnetic power and the drill geometry. The smaller the distance between magnet and cutter the higher

the possible tool force. The tool force is measured with the drill standing on a steel plate of 10mm thickness.

The RB 35 X lifts off from the steel plate only at a force of 2100 N.


Check out the machine in action:


New Lee Cooper fashionable workwear available in store and online now



We have just received a new range of workwear from the famous brand Lee CooperLee Cooper Workwear

We have a selection of the Lee Cooper range and are particularly impressed with the cool fashionable style of the new kit. Check out these steel toe cap safety boots ! How cool are they? Lee Cooper LCSHOE022 Lee Cooper LCSHOE020 Safety Trainer

We also have work trousers and work jackets as well as tops for the upcoming winter season.

Lee Cooper Work Jacket LCJKT415Lee Cooper Work TrousersLee Cooper LCVST702 BodywarmerLee Cooper LCSWT113 Grey SweatshirtLee Cooper LCKP002 Kneepad


These are just a few of the excellent new clothing products available from Lee Cooper and sold by Data.

Please click here to see the complete range of  work clothing, accessories and footwear we have available.


The ELECTROWAND COMBI stainless steel weld cleaner


The ELECTROWAND COMBI stainless steel weld cleaner is the ultimate tool for removing weld discolouration.
Quick, easy to use and brilliantly effective.

Electrowand Combi Weld Cleaner
The Electrowand Combi will remove weld discolouration WITHOUT damaging the surface of the material at all.
Stainless steel balustrade manufacturers, fabricators of hygienic stainless steel parts and also environmental ductwork are just a few examples of where this machine has been used with great success.
It’s great news that there is finally a viable alternative available to pickling paste – the hazardous chemical that has traditionally been used for this job – which is banned in many countries.

The brush offers excellent versatility so that difficult corners can now be accessed without any fuss.

Electrowand Brush

The paddle offers fast cleaning on easy to reach areas

Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning

This tool comes complete with everything you need :

wand assembly to operate brush

wand assembly to operate paddle and sock

earth lead with crocodile clip

mains lead – 110v or 240v

1 x pack of EW-500 pads (pack contains 20 x pads)

stainless steel insert (paddle)

long life brush.  (2 x supplied)

0.5 litre of Electro-Wand solution.

spill proof reservoir for solution

0.5 Litre of Electro-Wand Neutralising Agent

They are the first machines to use a microprocessor to control power output to the wand. This has the following advantages:

Power protection – both the machine and work-piece are protected against power overload. In the event of a short circuit – perhaps resulting from the cleaning pad wearing through – power to the wand is switched off within 40 milliseconds. Previously, power overloads might have caused burn marks on the work piece or damage to the machine. Once the pad has been replaced, power is restored by cycling the on/off switch.

Power control –  power to the wand may be turned down if working with thin or fragile material, keeping temperature lower to avoid damage. Alternatively, it can be turned up to clean effectively on more heavily stained work. At all times power can be kept to a level that avoids overheating the acid solution, which can result in unpleasant fumes. It also keeps solution use to a minimum therefore reducing costs.

The Combi uses high power for fast cleaning with the paddle and lower power for working with the brush. The ingenious Combi will switch power output automatically when the operator changes from paddle to brush or brush to paddle. You can still use the power controller to fine tune the setting you prefer.

Ultimately, this machine is far less expensive than the “ Tig Brush ” but just as effective in removing the discolouration after a tig weld.

Another hugely attractive feature of this machine is, how easy it is to use. You do not have to be a skilled craftsman to use it – if you can use a brush you can use the Electrowand Combi !

Introducing the new Festool TS55R Plunge Cut Circular Saw & Guide Rail Kit


We have just received delivery of the latest model plunge cutting saw with rail from Festool. Here is a breakdown of its best features:

For high-quality working results: the guide rail guarantees clean, splinter-free cuts. The TS 55 R is fitted with adjustable jaws to enable the saw to operate without any inaccuracy.

Festool TS55R Plunge Cut Saw

Designed for an even wider range of application possibilities.

  • Sawing joins on floors, ceilings or even doors from a distance of 12 mm
  • False joints between 12 and 46 mm wide are created in no time at all – with the false joint stop (available as an accessory)
  • Machining different materials such as plasterboard, building panels, plastics such as plexiglas and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium
  • Cutting recesses in doors or kitchen worktops
  • Well prepared for any challenge – saw blades are quick and easy to change with FastFix blade change

Buy Festool


The splinterguard is easy to position and can be exchanged with the transparent viewing window without using tools. The combination of a splinterguard and guide rail guarantees splinter-free cuts on both sides.

Festool TS55R splinter guard

The new, spring-loaded riving knife positioned in front of the saw blade can be easily inserted in an existing kerf, e.g. when moving the guide rail.
New festool TS55R saw









The saw blade must be positioned perfectly on the scribe mark to achieve perfect cutouts, e.g. when making plunge cuts in kitchen worktops. The transparent viewing window also provides a perfect view of the end of the marking, for example, in corners.

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Festool TS55R Guide Rail

This great new tool is on display and in stock at our Cardiff tool showroom our Bridgend tool showroom and available to buy online. Click here for more details