Case Study: The Excel ECS Vario 350 Metal Cutting Chopsaw ( Cold Saw ) and how it has benefited Precise Engineering Ltd.

Dave Webster, Owner of Precise Engineering Ltd, has recently invested in a new Excel Vario 350 Metal Cutting Chopsaw, (commonly known as a “ Cold Saw ”) from Data Powertools Ltd based in South Wales, UK.



Dave needed to cut a large variety of materials – from sectional aluminium to solid mild steel round bar.


The Vario 350 offers a large capacity due to the large 350mm saw blade – and also offers excellent versatility due to the “vario” function which allows him to vary the speed between 24rpm and 120rpm at the touch of a button.


“I’m delighted with the power of this machine even when slowed right down for cutting solid mild steel – there is no loss of power when the speed is reduced. The build quality of the machine is fantastic even though the price does not reflect that.


This machine offers everything a conventional cold saw does, and more. It will play a key role in my manufacturing process for many years to come”  says Dave.


Video CS 350 VARIO 415V (3 Phase) in action

For more information and to make enquiries on how to purchase this machine click here or contact our technical sales specialist Nick Dando on 07970 990339

Polished Stainless Steel Bench crafted by Metal Masters West Wales Ltd

Metal Masters West Wales Ltd were commissioned to produce stainless steel benches to be situated at the SA1 Waterfront in Swansea Bay. Using tools, machines and accessories supplied by Data here we can see another example of some quality workmanship from one of our customers.

Stainless Steel Bench by Metal Masters Wales Ltd
Stainless Steel Bench by Metal Masters Wales Ltd

Phil Pritchard, the owner of Metal Masters has had to achieve a very high standard finish to eradicate the high risk of rust as the benches are situated at the waterfront (very salty air). The finish required to meet the contractor’s requirements is 0.5RA (the RA value is the Roughness Average in microns – in layman’s terms it’s the difference between the peaks and grooves on the surface of the stainless steel only visible via a microscope – the less the difference between the two the lower the RA value).

The finishing polish was achieved using a Fein “ Grit ” machine, which is the GX75 Belt Linisher together with the GXC Centreless Polishing Module and a very fine non woven abrasive belt that Data supplied.

In this video you will see that Phil has his hands on the tube, but this is not because he is pushing it, he is merely supporting it. The material is fed through automatically. Phil does intend in investing in suitable roller supports in the near future to make the task even easier.

The machinery used to produce this magnificent finish is available to buy at Data. Click here to see the range. To contact Metal Masters please call them on 01792 586677.

Impressive Solid Oak Sign crafted by Mcbeth Joinery

From time to time our customers invite us to take a look at the jobs they do using tools purchased from us. We are always proud to see the high quality work that is produced when a craftsman uses the high quality tools that we sell.  Here is a quality piece of workmanship from the team at Mcbeth Joinery. They were contacted by a luxury hotel in Switzerland and asked to craft a bespoke sign made from solid oak.

Bespoke Solid Oak Sign Routed with Trend and Carbitool router cutters

The 8oomm x 70mm solid oak sign was jointed with a Lamello Biscuit Joiner using no 6 biscuits. The design was routed with a Trend router and inlay cutter, then blackened with a pyrography burner. The outer diameter was trammelled with a Dewalt 1/2″ Router using Carb-i-tool Router Cutters. All these tools were supplied by Data.

We are sure you will agree that this is a quality piece of workmanship and will look great at the hotel in Switzerland.  Congrats to Mcbeth Joinery. Keep up the good work!

If you require a bespoke joiner / cabinet maker please contact Mcbeth Joinery at