The ELECTROWAND COMBI stainless steel weld cleaner


The ELECTROWAND COMBI stainless steel weld cleaner is the ultimate tool for removing weld discolouration.
Quick, easy to use and brilliantly effective.

Electrowand Combi Weld Cleaner
The Electrowand Combi will remove weld discolouration WITHOUT damaging the surface of the material at all.
Stainless steel balustrade manufacturers, fabricators of hygienic stainless steel parts and also environmental ductwork are just a few examples of where this machine has been used with great success.
It’s great news that there is finally a viable alternative available to pickling paste – the hazardous chemical that has traditionally been used for this job – which is banned in many countries.

The brush offers excellent versatility so that difficult corners can now be accessed without any fuss.

Electrowand Brush

The paddle offers fast cleaning on easy to reach areas

Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning

This tool comes complete with everything you need :

wand assembly to operate brush

wand assembly to operate paddle and sock

earth lead with crocodile clip

mains lead – 110v or 240v

1 x pack of EW-500 pads (pack contains 20 x pads)

stainless steel insert (paddle)

long life brush.  (2 x supplied)

0.5 litre of Electro-Wand solution.

spill proof reservoir for solution

0.5 Litre of Electro-Wand Neutralising Agent

They are the first machines to use a microprocessor to control power output to the wand. This has the following advantages:

Power protection – both the machine and work-piece are protected against power overload. In the event of a short circuit – perhaps resulting from the cleaning pad wearing through – power to the wand is switched off within 40 milliseconds. Previously, power overloads might have caused burn marks on the work piece or damage to the machine. Once the pad has been replaced, power is restored by cycling the on/off switch.

Power control –  power to the wand may be turned down if working with thin or fragile material, keeping temperature lower to avoid damage. Alternatively, it can be turned up to clean effectively on more heavily stained work. At all times power can be kept to a level that avoids overheating the acid solution, which can result in unpleasant fumes. It also keeps solution use to a minimum therefore reducing costs.

The Combi uses high power for fast cleaning with the paddle and lower power for working with the brush. The ingenious Combi will switch power output automatically when the operator changes from paddle to brush or brush to paddle. You can still use the power controller to fine tune the setting you prefer.

Ultimately, this machine is far less expensive than the “ Tig Brush ” but just as effective in removing the discolouration after a tig weld.

Another hugely attractive feature of this machine is, how easy it is to use. You do not have to be a skilled craftsman to use it – if you can use a brush you can use the Electrowand Combi !

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